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Pre shipment inspection

Pre shipment inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is a quality control method in supply chain management that verifies the quality of goods purchased from suppliers before shipment. It ensures compliance with buyer specifications and purchase order terms.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Process

The PSI process involves a final random review of finished products when at least 80% of orders are produced and packed for export. Samples are selected randomly and checked against standards and procedures to reduce risks associated with online commerce.

  • Role of Pre-Shipment Inspection Expertise

Highly trained experts in pre-shipment inspection use appropriate sampling processes to select product lots and check them against quality requirements or destination market standards. They cover criteria such as functionality, performance, durability, appearance, and dimensions.

  • Importance of Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is crucial to verify product conformity and ensure that agreed-upon specifications are met before shipment. It mitigates the risk of receiving defective goods and costly import issues, protects the brand’s image, and provides peace of mind to importers.

  • Benefits of Conducting a Pre-Shipment Inspection

Maximized duty collections through duty assessment in the export country.
Compliance with World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement valuation requirements.
Protection of business interests in the supply chain through independent, certified, and licensed inspectors.
Assurance of product safety and regulatory compliance through strict international standards.
Quick response with qualified professionals available at competitive pricing.

  • How Pre-Shipment Inspection Helps

Ensures imported goods comply with agreed-upon terms and approved samples.
Verifies that imported goods meet specifications and pose no health risks.
Ensures proper and safe packaging for a seamless transition.
Confirms compliance with the recipient country’s rules and regulations.
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